I’m finishing my last year in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, with a focus in HCI and entrepreneurship.

Right now, I’m learning about:
︎︎︎ evolutionary psychology
︎︎︎ startup challenges

Also, check out my friends music  - it’s pretty legit 👀
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Hi, I’m Peijia!

/pay-juh/ or also PJ 👋👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿

I’m curious about how people behave and how we interact with one another, and I like building stuff that hopefully people will use and enjoy :) 

Now: I’m currently a product designer @Pattern (YC 2020) and a HCI research assistant @UBC + BC Children's hospital.

I'm interested in consumer/social tech, as well as wearables and health technology. I've been lucky enough to have opportunities in tackling these spaces.

  • Designed @ Quorum (YC 2019) ︎︎︎ a consumer app tackling the passion economy
  • Designed @ LimeSpot ︎︎︎ AI & ML for e-commerce optimization



In my free time, I enjoy watching bad shows from TLC and Ikebana. I also enjoy:

  • consuming a lot of cake 🍰
  • oil pastel art 🎨
  • travelling to the fridge 🥶 (obviously not to eat more cake)

Thanks for reading this far, let’s continue the convo over coffee and bbt (zoom edition)! ☕️

Hey! Thanks for visiting and checking out my portfolio ☻

If you’re looking for a designer to jump on a project, or if you just want to chat & connect, do drop me a msg at pajellyo@gmail.com 
Vancouver, BC