Designing from 0︎︎︎1: 
Re-imagining a platform for hourly work


Pattern is a technology-based staffing platform that makes it easier for businesses and workers to work together.



Product designer


September 2020 - current

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Thanks for showing interest in this project! While I can’t share it publicly, I can talk about my learnings at an early-stage startup:


    Customer obsessed

    We’re trying to answer: 

    Is this going to make our customers life better than it was before they interacted with us?

    Hopefully, it’s a signal for yes.

    Working fast & being scrappy

    Being at a small startup often means limited resources and adhoc processes.

    Despite these limitions, it’s taught me to strive to accomplish a lot with very little.

    And be very open to pivoting! 
    Work to get things done, not to make it perfect

    This was a big push for me to stop thinking about design and to just start designing.

    Design at this step should focus on moving fast and delivering enough for engineering to move forward and product to complete its experiment.


      What does impact mean to you?

        Define what impact you’re aiming to create, both for yourself and for the company. Scale it appropriately.
        Building your design voice & confidence

        What has helped keep me keep perspective is to have confidence in my process and approach, not how I think it should be or what others declare for me.

        Bias towards action

        One of the biggest learnings about my experiences at a startup is that there is no “right/correct” way.

        The only thing is to take initiate and action. Now!

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