A Better You - Thoughtful journalling with AI

Track your memories in a joyful manner

Track your memories in a joyful manner

2023 - ongoing


A Better You (ABY) is a side project I'm working on - a simple yet intuitive journalling app with on device privacy and AI augmented features. I pulled inspiration from the analogue experiences of index and folder systems - which you can feel through haptic feedback and micro-interactions.

Here's the pitch :)

Document your adventures with ease through notes, photos, audio and automatic geography + time tracking, so you can you focus on the details that matter.


Solo designer, MosaicDreamers Inc.


Product Design (iOS), Visual Design, Prototyping, Marketing Website

Still a WIP

While journalling apps are common, we really aim to make it a delightful and enjoyable experience while you're using the app. Some new ideas in mind also include sending travel memories, timelines and sharing with your friends!

Next steps

Still work to be done! You can keep an eye out on the marketing website here (update coming soon)