Dream - GenAI consumer app

Creating delight through viral generative AI experiences

Creating delight through viral generative AI experiences

Sept 2021 - present


WOMBO is an AI startup with viral consumer apps. In fall of 2021, we launched Dream, one of the first genAI text to artwork apps. Dream predates Stable Diffusion, Midjourney and Dall-E by over 6 months, and is one of the most widely used image generation products on the market. 

I joined the team as a founding designer, and have worked across the core mobile, web app and website products. Lately, I’ve been involved in shaping strategy and product direction for monetization and new products. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out for details. 


Natalie Almosa, Daybreak Studios, our fab mobile engineers <3


Product Design (iOS/Android, Web App), Strategy, Visual Design, Prototyping, Art Direction, Marketing Website

Creation optimized for mobile

Social content and casual content creation is dominated by mobile platforms as it allows for quick consumption and experimentation of different outputs. Knowing this, we've designed it for that pace and flexibility with key themes around prompt engineering, output variations, editing tools and publish.

Highlighted creation features (shipped)

By working in a modular format, we're able to experiment with new features and layouts quickly and easily. Our features are led by feedback from users from the community - mostly around workflows, tools and output quality. At the same time, we also want to balance the experience for new users trying generative AI for the first time.

Foundation of social loops

We know that complementary to creating, people also want to gain inspiration and explore what other people are doing. Some recent features include a personalized home feed, explore page and profile page.

Highlighted social features (shipped)

Building a social community around generative art is challenging, but we've identified the need for one as people want to share their artwork and collaborate with other creatives. Profiles, notifications and user challenges are some of the foundational work we're laying out for social within Dream.


Monetization is important - esp for a consumer product. Along with the team, I explored different levels of revenue generating entry points and experiences that could help improvement long-term revenue and value for different user groups.

Exploratory work

Some of my favourite work were unshipped explorations - would love to share some of these ideas and concepts.


Building and creating new consumer products within an ambiguous, changing domain alongside a small, motivated team has taught me a lot about experimenting quickly, trade-offs and voicing my thoughts + questions.

From designs to development to shaping the product roadmap with the founders, the impact of our team is reflected in the love and community of our users 🫶 there's still so much to explore in the generative AI space!