Pattern - Marketplace platform (currently updating)

Managing the gig economy: a marketplace platform

Managing the gig economy: a marketplace platform

2020 - 2021


In 2020, I joined a startup focused on transforming how light industrial staffing has traditionally been operated. We wanted to help match workers to available roles and make blue-collar work more accessible for all. Pattern has now pivoted their product offering to Borderless, a global HR management system.


Manan, Pritpal, Felippi, Jordan


Product Design (Responsive Web App), Marketing website

Designing a dashboard for managers to confidently and efficiently manage their complex shift needs

The problem: Pattern's previous list and calendar views no longer met the needs of light industrial managers, who have complex booking needs.

Solution: Re-design the calendar views so that time-sensitive tasks are visually clear and well organized, with different views to suit different user groups. Also introduced bulk editing to reduce task inefficiency for repeated shifts.


Working on a B2B product with important data flows requires more thinking on the complex data interactions and tasks to be done. Often times there's clashing UX goals from both users and technical implementation - which I was able to get involved in.