WOMBO - The original deepfake app

Deepfake tech + musical memes = WOMBO

Deepfake tech + musical memes = WOMBO



WOMBO, first launched in spring of 2021, allowed anyone to generate a deepfake video from a single photo using computer vision. The app gained 50 million downloads in its first 4 months, signalling a strong consumer interest in the ease of use of AI in creating delightful outputs.

I worked on 2 features for WOMBO - Duets and Morphs. Duets was an extension of the original WOMBO feature, which allowed 2 images to sing together on a song with complementary singer roles. Morphs was our first introduction to changing a person’s image with AI, and was used as an effect in a WOMBO.


Product Design (iOS/Android), Marketing Website

Create with your friends - Duets flow

A single WOMBO was already a popular hit - now what if you could create more WOMBOs with you and your friends?

Design explorations

Each screen in our product flows goes through a thorough set of design ideation and explorations before development.

Transforming your selfie with AI

Before generative AI was popular, we began experimenting with face morphs to alter the appearance of your selfie directly in a WOMBO.

WOMBO Core <3

The original WOMBO app will always hold a special place to the team and I ❤️‍🔥


The core WOMBO app set a strong start to our next AI app, and it really pushed me to design both broadly and narrowly. I remember working out these features right in the first few weeks of joining, and then see it live on the app stores soon after :)